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🚨 Useful Guidelines for OpenSource Contributors (?)

Preface —didn't mean to hijack there: https://sololearn.com/Discuss/832919 Questions —Would be mostly glad to hear from currently active developers: Case #1: You're involved with multiple projects with different guidelines/patterns/setups; Q: How will you handle situations, keep up without confusion, or stepping backwards each time? Case #2: You authored a project or got involved with one; Q: How will you gain attention and trust from other developers (possibly for contribution)? Appreciate + Feedbacks

11/7/2017 8:46:01 PM


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Remember Open Source or not, always write code with the expectation that some one else will be editing it later, and always use comments in your code. Make sure if you are creating a database to comment where the date comes form, how it gets there, and what programs use the data once it is there. The point to writing open source code is that the end user can modify to their needs later.


@John Schram I agree that clarity is a key to success, but that's just necessary for any project, may it be open source or not. What makes your stand out from the rest of them? What makes users star your project? What has to be done to gain contributors for projects you've authored. What tactics do you use to manage efficient switching between simultaneous projects with different guideline/styles throughout the day/week?


This is the 4th time I've written this over again; Didn't give up to app's crashes when inserting tags! After 3rd rewriting, I used OCR for this... So any positive feedback would be greatly appreciated! 😊 It may look different from OP, but more questions are coming.