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XP notifications

I love the +5XP Daily Reward notification! Simple as it is, I experience a true moment of satisfaction and relief every day when I see the little pop-up. Is there any reason ALL earned XP couldn't have a pop-up notification? As soon as I finish a module, I run back home to see how it affected my score. Because XP bonuses for comments, upvotes and downvotes, re-earning of badges, etc. have a surprising effect on score, the motivation is disconnected from the reward. ⬜◽▫▪➖🔹⏩▶♒🔸🔶🔘👃🔘🔶🔸♒◀⏪🔹➖▪▫◽⬜

11/7/2017 5:30:29 PM

James Boblak

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Yes! It's directly above Settings. I was -in- Settings! Sometimes it's right in front of you...ugh...thanks again!! :^)


My Android app doesn't seem to have a feedback option in settings, so I emailed [email protected] just now. 😊


They do have notification for badges, daily reward, best answer. suggest that if want notification for all XP related events. you can send feedback to [email protected] or suggest from settings, feedback.


Good suggestion - I will do it. I just wondered if there was some non-obvious (to me anyway :) reason to squelch many of the bonus notifications. Thank you!!


strange. you just press the 3-dot menu top-right. then choose feedback from the list