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i don't know about you guys, but how many of you that sololearn methode is weak, you can get a certificat without learn almost anything ! the questions are toooo simple and right after the informations so you can't even forget even if you have ALZHAIMER !! i think they should make a new COURSES for advance people ! it took me 30 minuts to complete 80% of HTML cours and an HOUR !! one hour to take 70% of php cours !!!!

11/5/2017 8:30:35 PM

Zizi Moad

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certificates don't tell that u know language or u have completed the course ☺ , codes & answers tell //happy coding ☺


1)very soon some advanced courses will be avaible in sololearn (without questions this time) 2)certificates don't get you a job or sth!! They are good for beginners, who quickly learn the basics and get "rewarded"


You're very right. The SL questions are just memory exercises. Here's an idea: don't only learn from SL, They only cover the basics. SL is a free e-learning community, making an advanced course would require more capital - they they would get if they charged us, but they don't. As Gaurav Agrawal says, codes are proof of your progress. Here's another idea: After completing a lesson, try creating a code that'll utilise what you've picked up. You'll become a better coder... and maybe feel a sense of accomplishment. I recommend W3Schools for more advanced web development tutorials.


SL is a good place to start learning, yes the courses are very symple but this is the method. Languages are very simple, but you have to understand very well those few rules because machines wont follow you if you miss a single point. Anyway youll learn a lot here if you try to put your mind on the courses and not simply do it like a puzzle. Obvious.. if you want to improve your education you should go to school :P and do not show off plz


@Jamie what you mean? I cannot catch you, maybe I wrote a mistake? sorry for my english


ahahah i m a WEACK boy then!


what for? the certificate arent good for anything and the courses cover all the basics. if you forget everything it's your fault you can always go back and do it again. The courses arent meant to be hard or take 10 hours.