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urgent help

Okay I'll try to explain at my best.. I need something like..to create a search paragraph where I can put any code(mu chosen codes for diffrent reaults) under the search paragraph I need a submit button..okay the whole thing is, I would like to create when I enter this code into the paragraph and I click submit i would like to keep the same page but to comes a mesaage like pop-up or any photo..or something like this, If you didn't understood me, I will give an example.. Example: Like the bet sites..You have CHECK TICKET STATUS When you lress that yoy have a paragraph for entering a code example: Enter the code from your betting slip: 394712 Submit. and when you click a submit it comes a pop-up or a new page Cogratulations your ticket is win. i need exactly same like this one..just check it out and you will see exactly what I need..by the way thanks for helping me ------------------------------------- TO CHECK THE TICKET CODES www.bettoday365.com 3321-399594395-2588 -----------------------------------

10/31/2016 12:19:00 PM

Миле Стоев

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first creat form in html will looks like this <form action="function.php"> <input type="text" placeholder="Past your ticket code here" name="ticket_code" > <input type="sumit" value="Check code" > </form> then creat the php file who let you check if the code is true or false. by showing message in a pop-up box or a page to create this file you have to provide some information to your file like database name and tables names.... to retrieve and insert data into DB before showing the msg.