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Android Development Resources

A collection of Android info, tips , tutorials andd any other type of usefull info for android developement. Feel free to add to the thread!😺

10/29/2017 8:13:56 PM


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Udacity: UI for beginners: Advanced Android: Material Design: Udemy:


Free PDF resources for android


Learn kotlin for android app development


java is for android


Kotlin Resources


New Boston - Android App Development for Beginners Playlist:


Java Resources


The offical android site


Info from the Official Andriod site Building your first app


Google resources for android


You would better off asking for tips on where mostly pros gather


Tutorials Point


Packted daily free e-books - Register - download


Learn Java to program Android helps - Sololearn (SL) edit


Another from the google hunt


@Rashid Alright, What kind of tips are you looking for?


@Rasid You can easily code better, just make lots of code and challenge yourself with coding projects.


Manual is good enough, I chose to not disclose personal info online.


Youtube Channel Packt Provides free video Courses - Take advantage of it!