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how to upload files on github?

10/29/2017 7:53:13 PM


8 Answers

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install git on your computer if you're on windows install a bash shell emulator (may be one with the windows git installer) Create an account on if you use ssh, create a set of ssh keys on your computer if you haven't already add the public ssh key to your github settings you can google how to do this create a new repository with the same folder name as the project you wish to upload to github after creating the project you'll have some instructions on the github project page, follow them to make your initial commit and push you can learn more in the help section of and more about using git from


Here is one of the tutorials I used. Git Tutorials Playlist:


cd to a directory you wanna push. git init git remote add origin "your git repo url" git pull origin master git add . git commit -m "messages" git push -u origin master installing git Linux, Ubuntu deriviatives: sudo apt-get update && apt-get install git windows, go on the internet and hunt down the git installer. how else do you install softwares on it?


Did you check how to upload to git hub on github. Or watch a youtube vid? I cannot walk you through it from a comment. You may need to search for the solution.


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and I also wnat to know the process of branching πŸ˜…


I watched some vids how to create repository but I don't know how to upload files that continues the codsπŸ˜…


okayyy ..Thanx lot