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@Most people on here

There is this new site called www.google.com where most of your questions are already answered. Please use google (or any other seach engine) before asking the most trivial questions. How do you want to become good in coding if you can't solve such easy problems alone? I understand that most are beginners, but even then a little search or reading the official documention of whatever is related to your problem mostly helps. Dont become dependent on others help.

10/28/2017 10:55:32 PM


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update: @Ace I use this one for stuff like that. https://is.gd/vwdOfS Agree programming is more about problem solving than writing code. do research before posting , than submit your questions show us the effort you did, so people will be much better inclined to help you. below are one of my favourite search engines in alphabetical order https://www.bing.com/ Bing https://duckduckgo.com/ DuckDuckGo https://encrypted.google.com/ Google https://www.qwant.com/ Qwant below is a code search engine useful for narrowing your searches & finding something just code. https://searchcode.com/ this is a good website to learn anything https://learn-anything.xyz/


@EK the search bar is slow, ineffective with no fuzzy search :( you can't search something whose exact matching tag or keyword from question you don't remember try sorting the Q/A's by most popular than search with beginner as a keyword for search. the 1st popular question from before will not appear.


😎 http://lmgtfy.com/


Even they can use Sololearn's Search Bar But they don't :-\


If they type tags instead of question with most recent sorting then can easily find those questions.