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freeCodeCamp Account Linking

IMPORTANT NOTE the account linking is implemented at SoloLearn side only! please refrain from asking about it on their forums! How to link: Sololearn app settings => Connected Accounts => FREECODECAMP => ADD To link the account, use the username which is publicly accessible:<username> *** UPDATE *** after some changes by Sololearn staff, you can now use the username that you registered with on freeCodeCamp site (no need to register in the forums as well)

10/28/2017 9:43:27 AM


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For those who keep getting the message: "Username does not exist" try this: 1. Create a GitHub account (set your username) 2. Create a freeCodeCamp (FCC) account (your username will be the one you set for GitHub) 3. On FCC page go to: > Menu > Click on the last option at the bottom that would be under Donate, I saw and clicked the number [116] which is the number of lessons I've completed. > Click on "Link my GitHub to enable my public profile" > Click on the green button "Authorize freeCodeCamp" 4. Go back to SoloLearn app > Settings > Connected Accounts > freeCodeCamp - ADD > Write your username (the one for GitHub and FCC) It worked for me, let me know if it works for you 😊


Good morning/afternoon/evening! Wanted to give some more context here... What we found is that our community is learning from different sources and thought it might be valuable for you guys to have all your learning achievements in one place. The freeCodeCamp badge is the first step to test interest. If it works, we will integrate with more partners (Coursera, Udacity, Udemy, Codecademy) and let you show your skills in your profile. Thoughts?


@luka we can’t keep people on sololearn unless we give them what they want - even if we don’t show them other sources, people use them anyways) what we can do though is create great unlimited content for the community that we will personalize based on your individual needs, which we are beta testing as i write... still a lot of work to do by all of us to make it as great and personal as we all want too... but there will always be something you’ll want to learn/refresh/test on your mobile no matter where else you learn or work... don’t you think so?)


put 'em in the jar plz __| |__ | | | | |🍩πŸͺ | |πŸͺπŸͺπŸͺ| ````````````` slowly but surely we'll fill it πŸ˜‰


Thanks for the tip. By the way freeCodeCamp is a great place to learn programming!


Hello. I am a moderator for the Free Code Camp forums. Lately we have had several people making support requests regarding linking their Free Code Camp accounts to your platform. Will you please amend your post to make it clear that this functionality is implemented by SoloLearn and is not supported by Free Code Camp? Thank you.


Essentially? A badge with no XP attached to it. I'm not really sure actually. πŸ˜…


@Yeva: That's a good idea. By linking SoloLearn and freeCodeCamp, can you access data from freeCodeCamp profile (like challenges completed etc,.)?


I like to join.


Much thanks, @Burey. πŸͺ


Thanks for this information 😁


Was wondering how to find my username πŸ˜… Cookies for you sir!


Funny story... When Burey had firstly announced that the accounts can be linked, I connected instantly with my freecodecamp forum username, but I decided to disconnect until something actually happens with those accounts... Anyway, today, after seeing all these complaints, I tried connecting once again out of curiosity, but I couldn't connect no matter how many times I tried... In the end I went to freecodecamp site (not forum this time) and copied my username that goes something like fcc123456 and now I'm connected. 😏 So, try all three options : 1. Freecodecamp username (it can be seen in your profile, in the middle of the screen or in url) 2. Freecodecamp forum 3. And, if you have github that is connected to the freecodecamp, then use github There is some sort of inconsistency or a bug going on, or someone is changing the rules without announcing it... I just wanted to share...


i know @Ace you get 10 programming skill points to upgrade your languages arsenal πŸ€“ but be careful! once assigned you can't change them!


Yeva that's great


@Yeva, The FCC badge is definitely the 'way' ahead! I am more concerned about what more can be achieved through the collaboration with partners that you mentioned in previous posts (are we including shared knowledge and resources?!). I have personally used Coursera and Udemy for learning stuff not just coding, but other subjects too.


I haven't updated yet, is that a new feature for the public version or the beta testing one? Congrats for you guys new gold Mods, its good to have you guys around :)


public... check out the new badge ^^


Did you also link a GitHub account to FCC? If so try the username to that account. If not, do so.


@paola thanks it worked