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Which is more fun java or c++😀😀😀

10/26/2017 10:15:18 PM

George Victor Uche

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yeah , java have more content & i like it ☺


C++,C++17 is way powerful than java,java is nothing in front of cpp! those who are saying java have never learnt cpp or are too ignorent.


try java 👍


of course C++!no doubt


c++ is an original when it comes to coding. it has more reach when you're inspired and can take you more places. java is the new craze for coders but its very difficult to learn c++ from java. but once you've learnt c++., java is a breeze to follow on with as c++ has all the basics (it is after all an 'original') <3


java is pure oops lang. c++ is mediocre.... if u wanna learn android app development learn java.


Java is more fun and interesting to play with as a techie..... 😊...


Java. As for me, it is more to object oriented and more functional compare to C++.


Both of these languages are worth learning. The syntax for c++ are way smaller than java. But java has more content and its way complicated than c++. So c++ is more fun but java is great too.