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Lesson Factory Q&A

I would like to devote this thread to people to ask questions on the (currently only in beta) lesson factory.

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SoloLearn team approves the lessons we submit. Our submissions will be edited by them if needed.


So my question: Who selects the lessons that will be approved? Apparently unlike quiz factory, we can't rate lessons


@Kinshuk Takes around a month. Check the time the latest lessons were submitted and made the cut.


Oh then can Solo learn choose which is important lesson or a little bit easy ?


One important note: Select "other" option when choosing a language to post an appointment in the lesson factory.


@immortal thanks for answering. It was helpful.


What's your Opinion about Assignment and Answer it Here. https://www.sololearn.com/discuss/1082512/?ref=app


Does anyone know the average time taken by Sololearn to approve/decline a lesson? Its been over a week since I have submitted the 3rd lesson, but there has been no response at all.