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SL 1.6 beta update released !!!

Good news for Sololearn beta testers.πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ A new update has been released. new exciting features :- Learn section completely re-imagined! New looks, new content! Data Structures, Algorithms, Machine Learning, and many more new topics added! Learning topics and collections will be refreshed periodically. Create new lessons using the Lesson Factory, share your knowledge, get recognized! With the next update, we will enable comment notifications and show your creations in your feed.

10/19/2017 6:01:05 PM

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updated the app... the learn section is filled with content about design patterns, data structures & algorithms. there is content about machine learning. most of the approved content is by Sololearn account. one interesting thing to note. the bottom section is filled with submissions of just one person @Krishna Teja Y. Thanks for the heads up. the update looks exciting.


The Learn section just reached a whole new level.


@Senpai for now beta only, some time later will be available in stable. you can send them mail if you want to test beta app. [email protected]


@sayan chandra : As of now, the new Learn section can be accessed only by the testers.


@Blugon No, you need to ask them. then they send a mail where you click a link after that there should be an update in the play store.


@Pegasus can't you submit any lessons?


This is one of the rare times when SL leave me speechless for a good reason.


How long till they release the update for everyone


@charan yep. u need to be a beta tester to get this update. if you are interested you can mail sololearn ( [email protected] ) to make you a beta tester.


@Pegasus : beta testers!



@Sir Krishna Beta testers or certified testers?


hello friends... where is the learn section that got updted so much... the tutorial section??? i dont see any change there...


mmmmhmmm-_- i saw some png's... seems like a CS tuorial package in whole ....


reply someone .... ##


The lessons come from Sir Krishna, certified testers and SoloLearn: Unfair!


So is the new Sololearn under test or this is to be for the privileged only?


@Sir Krishna thank you for clarifying.


it's amazing.


Which means if i can update my SL app to 1.6 then i am a beta tester too?