Does anyone know Dart (Programming Language) and is that worth to add here in SoloLearn Courses?

recently, I've heard about dart programming language by Google that they talk about fast and multipurpose programming language. but does anyone know what it looks like? and should it be added in sololearn courses? nah, you can explore it here (https://www.dartlang.org/ Dart programming language | Dart)

10/18/2017 4:26:57 PM

Muhammad Fahmi Rasyid

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Well, our conversation here does nothing at all to add anything at all to SoloLearn. They'll add what they feel is necessary, so I'm not going to speculate that since I'm not bound to only using SoloLearn. Go wherever the resources are. Honestly though, I've never heard of DART, nor have I seen it. However, if Google made it, it sounds like it'll be worth researching further. Can you share any information on it?