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Protect yourselves: WPA2 wifi protocol bug

10/16/2017 11:16:16 PM

Shane Overby

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thanks for the info πŸ˜‰


@Yash Thanks! I wondered who is pegasus and checked the likes. They like their own comments like Vengat. The comments were similar too. only a few platinum users to that.


@Pegasus Were you vengat before?


@Manual yay what you said shows that I have my own identity


Aaaah! Why are people so obsessed with wifi hacks!?


No panic. Many webpages for online banking and online shopping use https-connections to protect the user. Insecure are all http- connections and local traffic in private (W)LAN. And insecure is the doing if a user use the same username/password for all online services.



@Pegasus (low key you need to update your codes xD) Because of the incredible amounts of information that can be gained. Humans like knowing things.

+3 *For Russian/Ukrainian*


As I see it, the best way to protect your code is to use internal tools for security, combined with external tools as cyberbit. This way you can make sure your code is pretty safe. Thank you.