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Beat language for automation testing?

I've heard python, Java, and c++ but which is the #1?

10/16/2017 6:50:30 PM

Matthew Slanchik

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There is nothing called the #1 Each language has advantages and disadvantages Determine what you want to do and select the the more featured language in this track


I want to do automation testing as stated


The question is very general. The answer is whatever language is the best for the specific problem you need to solve/automate. I always though programming is a way of automating a task. Example, on a music listening app, instead of adding each new song by hand, a programmer would create a form the would add the info to the database of songs. Then have the browsing part of the app just grab info from the database and display the data to the user. So, if programming is used for automating, and if one language is better at automating every task. Then how come everyone doesn't use one language for everything? Hopes this helps!!