What tools do you prefer to create a website and why?

PHP, Ruby, Node.js, JavaScript, Haskell, Java, Python or something else?

10/16/2017 2:16:40 PM

Michal J. S. Lampbashawk

2 Answers

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Best Choice : Backend : PHP, Node.js Frontend : HTML, CSS, JavaScript Libraries : jQuery, AngularJS Database : MySQL FrameWork : Laravel You can build anything in this world with these tools...


C# ASP.NET MVC with Web API Why?: C# is a powerful programming language and it has Linq which simplifies everything. It also has: -Attributes which allow you to do a lot of things Including the ability to tell the user what they can see (what they have access to), Roles to have admins etc -Entity Framework Code First: basically your database is generated from your data Model so you can easily change your database in code. -Easy deployment with Azure -SQL injection isn't a problem -No PHP -Razor which allows you to use HTML, CSS, Javascript and C# in the same document. -Web Configs allow you to cleanly set up connections to Web services, databases and security protocols and you can easily change environment (Development, Testing, Live) -Fully understand the meaning of MVC and MVVM -Visual Studio by Microsoft -NUNIT and Moq for unit testing. -Nuget Packet Manager -You can easily add external libraries and frameworks like KnockoutJS and AngularJS (I think). Although it is a lot at first once you get used to it you can do so much. Feel free to correct me.