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Programmers vs Web designers

Which u think you are good in it ° Programming (Java,c++,ruby....etc) or °Web Designing (Html, CSS,Js....etc) Mine is PROGRAMMING(Java,py,rb,cpp)!

10/15/2017 6:09:02 PM


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mine both i am comfortable with both ☺


that's cool scooby!


I'm learning c#, c++ and java :-)


it comfortable because many programming language advanced version used in web development like java swing,j2EE etc ☺


programming ☺


c++ still have more to learn tho...


I'm fairly comfortable in both. For programming my favorites are java, powershell, .VBS (go ahead, call me old school), and .bat (again, old school). For web I adore HTML, python (because it's consice), and I'm pretty adaptable.


I'm comfortable with both