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Website development process

So,I am creating a website,and im not sure if first i make a static website then add effect and javascript and all of that,or do i put effects part by part while creating a website

10/12/2017 5:23:13 PM

Leon Lav77

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Create a static website, then add js and php and all that.


if you are new to develop, I recommend you do it in simple way. no need follow the step, tidy code, just make sure you can get the output that you expect.


You are doing it right, the basic flow is to create the structure first (html part), then add some styles (css part). If you want to be more creative then you add some interaction by using javascript, so yes usually it's the last part. Depending on your experience & purpose, if you are still learning, then html, css & js is enough. If you think you are comfortable with those 3 web dev foundation, the next step is try to use jquery library. Note that php, sql and so on are only used if you want to create more advanced website.