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Learning Programming languages...can be easy..😊

A big Thank you... I found this app very helpful, never have thought I can learn other programming language myself... And can Share Problems fearless ☺ who is a founder of this I just want to Thank you 😊 I request please add The "Android Development" as a Course here so that I can learn from my mistakes in it... https://www.sololearn.com/discuss/542458/?ref=app

10/12/2017 5:54:51 AM

Priyanka Pawar

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we do, @luka... whenever we can:) Thanks for the feedback, Priyanka! We have the coolest feature launch planned very soon, as a result of which you can learn ANYTHING coding you want... so stay tuned!


Coolest feature...???🀀😍 *Its happening...!!!* πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ


SoloLearn is watching... ! πŸ‘


that's great news 😊 waiting for it... thank you Yeva..


ohh thanks luka


Even I told my Parents about sololearn... it's really helpful 😊 beautifully designedπŸ‘Œ with Fun we can learn more easily...


collecting XP drives hard :)


Can't wait for new courses. Good initiative.


thank you Charan 😊 may be


yes hetsy :)


Soo True β˜ΊπŸ‘ Same here 😊...Turba


hehe... you don't worry about it.. Forge Ice Leave it on me...


hmm Good


by the way..what you have done after learning the Programming.. Forge Ice


True Without Android there will be no Sololearn Android App


Luka, with all due respect, why did you decline the challenge?


okay... am sorry


i totally agree with you, when i started trying to program on the pc i always got bored quickly and started playing videogames, now with sololearn i start playing with the phone and idk how i always finish on Sololearn xD


yeah this app has been very useful, it kind-off blends gaming(challenges) with learning, making it real FUN. THANKS TO THE DEVELOPERS


That's great @Priyanka Chandra. So what are your future plans?