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Code help, need a few testers.

I have this code that I made public recently but I'm not sure if people can view it or not. I'd like to know if you can view it, if not then I know I need to remove it. Here's the code, please read the comment on the code first.

10/11/2017 7:36:46 PM

Gavin Christians

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Thank you for your feedback @Yash Thatte, I will do so. ☺


Link added @Yash Thatte ☺


Are we sure that everyone's ID is only 6 numbers long?


So 7 then, I can adjust it again when there's more than 10 million downloads. ☺


wow! working perfsctly! great code!


1 limit 6 digit 2 javascript check input keycode make sure only 0 to 9 allowed input only or change input type to number