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Is there a tool to measure how much mem proc your code uses ?

Many times when I try to write my codes (mostly python for now), I see many different ways to get one thing done. I am self learner. So I wondered : thes guys up there somewhere must have created some tools to see what the beast behind the code does and how much energy it takes her (beast is female in french, btw). Sometimes I could measure the time taken by long procedures, but for short ones, it's too quick to give me a clue. And I would appreciate to test the difference and start to understand how to code efficiently with some actual proof of this efficiency, not only people saying so (and often contraditing each-other) on forums. Thank you all !

10/10/2017 12:22:59 PM


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Thank CPasGrave for following me !


Ah ouai (ben jsuis français xD) moi j'essaie de créer un langage interprété en JavaScript


Courage, @Cpasgrave !!! Plus que 5 XP pour le prochain niveau... ;)


CPasGrave bien joué ;)


Thank you Kurwius ! Exactly what I thought about. I'll start and learn how to use it. Good coding to you !


Eh ! bien joué toi aussi, et en français ! Tu travailles sur un code en ce moment ? Moi je suis en train de faire un générateur de texte utilisant la methode markov ... encore en cours.