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Need More xp

is there any other way to get XP other than in challenge???

10/7/2017 5:32:39 PM

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yes there are several ways to get XP rather than challenges. 1. from codes 2. from badges 3. from daily streak. Don't break the streak. 4. from code upvotes. 5. if your code/post is selected as COTD 6. if your answer is marked as best. 7. from Approved quizzes.


It's so much harder getting XP when you go to higher levels... I don't know Why, even winning challenges doesn't give that much XP anymore... It's constantly +5XP. Badges give the most XP though. Get as many as possible


Complete all courses as well. "streak" - each day you use SoloLearn you get 5xp. If you use SoloLearn everyday for 30 days you get an xp bonus. I think there is a bonus at fewer days when you first start your streak.


what's the streak???




If you're in the first levels almost every thing you do gives you XPs. If you complete all the badges, you only can do challenges to obtain XPs. 😁