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Why should we use iostream instead of others like stdio?

10/22/2016 11:51:05 AM


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firstly because stdio is a c header file and iostream is a c++ header file. And it can be said that iostream is upgraded of stdio in C++, and iostream has much more tokens defined in it then stdio.


because stdio.h is a C header


First basically stdio is a c header and if you use cout or cin then you must use std:: some sort of things, so it can be said iostream is more flexible too.


in c stdio is header file ,in c++ upstream is header


Thanx, everyone for commenting.


"io" in iostream implies input-output which handles the activites of input output declaration...


Is it more flexible?


Sakeen Bhai iostream contains the code for Cin & Cout And many more tokens we use Stdio has others like random randomize. etc but not cin Cout that iostream has


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stdio means standard input output , for making use of printf and scanf in the program, whereas iostream for cin and cout which are not I/O functions.


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I should say, because it is more simple and friendly. Look any where to descriptions and examples using a functions from stdio printf and scanf to outut/input. There you have to set format parameters of variable, and beginers can do many errors.


are u c++ or c? its a c header bra