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Python turtle package

I want to know a bit more abou python graphics... I heard that the turtle package is pretty common in python 2.7-3, but in this app I read about pygame and Python3D or something like that... Anyone that knows something special from experience please comment

10/5/2017 9:37:38 AM

Andrei Cereanu

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Turtle is a built-in module where you create a canvas-like graphic with a turtle-like "cursor". It is really basic. Pygame is a game-oriented module, taking care of both graphics and player control. Panda3D or pyglet let you deal with scene-like, vertices-built 3D object graphic. You can move around objects created in external software like Blender.


If you want to get into graphics, I would recommend to get into OpenGL some time. In combination with pygame you can make interesting 3d objects. The turtle library is more a thing for kids to make it interesting. It's also really easy to use, but not very professional.


Thanks guys, already started with Panda3D and, Nathan De Bruin , I found OpenGL and am very satisfied with it, so thanks for your opinion too!