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Thoughts on coding boot camps?

Hello guys, for next fall I'm gonna be out of high school, and I'm thinking about taking a coding boot camp to continue with my studies, I would rather got college, but the reality is that I can't afford one. what do you think about them (boot camps)? are they good? what would you do if u were me? Thank you!!😉 (my goal is to work as a software developer one day)

10/3/2017 7:33:54 PM

Jose Bendeck

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What would I do if I was you? - Change my name to Netkos - STUDY BY ANY MEANS POSSIBLE! I've never been to a boot camp, but if they are teaching/training you, then use your resources and attend it. As well, you have access to the greatest teacher on the planet, the internet. You have access to all of the books that are in colleges, so use the internet and force yourself to read what you need to read. You can obtain an education better than college that way. Don't waste your resources you have access to. - Where do you live? I can only speak for the USA, but there are options to get funding for college. So my opinion is to do what you need to do in order to accomplish your goal. You're the only one that can stop you from doing so. Do any and everything you need to do. I tell myself "One day I'm going to die." Sounds morbid, right? However, if I'm going to die one day, I've no need to be afraid or shy away from doing what I want to accomplish while I'm here. There is no shame, embarrassment, or anything else in the world that can stop me, especially if I won't even exist eventually. Best of luck!


@DMT thare is a book called The Top Five Regrets of the Dying by Bronnie Ware. she was working in a hospital as a nurse for taking care of people that are going to die(there is no hope for these patients to live) and for several years she listened the wishes of these patients and also to their regrets and here the 5 regrets: 1- I wish I had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected for me. 2- I wish I had not worked so hard because I missed my children's youth and their partner's companionship. 3- I wish I had the courage to express my feeling. 4- I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends. 5- I wish that I had let myself be happier. here is a link for her Ted talk


Popular Science Shop had several awesome coding bundles that will teach you as well as boot camps that will have you proficient in no time. Here you learn the language, there you apply it. Popular Science frequently runs deals on these, so much so that it feels like I'm getting away with a steal ( some give you the option to pay as little or much as you want, essentially a donation).


this is a general idea it woks in any subject: learning with people and also togather is better then learning alone. when you speak to people and then teach it to classmate or exlain any small project you did to them, it will make you understand and memorise the material quickly. because you used deffirent senses like: 1- you see the code 2- you hear the code 3- you discuss the code 4- you write the code and the more you combine all of these togather you will understand and comprehend well and quickly. the idea is from: Accelerated Learning Techniques by Brian Tracy


@(DMT) Hit me up bro. More than happy to study/work on stuff with you in my free time. Nothing wrong with working in security, but you're right, it's easy to look at the entire group from the outside and not recognize the difference between the different "hats." Black and white hats appear the same, skill wise, but obviously moral/professional intention is drastically different. My gmail is this name Btw, may be a site that you're interested in. Has a lot of good free resources on it.


Finding like minds isn't always easy. I've wanted a teacher or a study buddy for quite some time now but have been forced to go it alone. My interest in pentesting has always been met with suspicion and caused others to show signs of distrust at my goals and intentions. So I just stopped talking about it. Its been a long road to build up the drive to even get started.


You don't have a community college nearby? My classes are free from state waivers and grants aren't hard to get.


@DMT Scientifically, science won't matter to me once I'm dead. :) My consciousness and thoughts are merely a product of the form that the energy is currently expressing as "me." When I pass, as you said, the energy that represents me will return back to its source and continue to create infinite expressions of itself. However, between me and you, I think I'm the best expression it's had so far. Just sayin. ;) lol As I said in another thread jokingly, although it has serious undertone, "All 1s come from the great 0, and all 1s return to the great 0!" Sounds like a joke, but think about it. ;)


Thank You guys!!😁😉😎


@Netkos Ent if you use the "break" command, it will break the loop xD just kidding


What Netkos said but with the addition that only your physical human shell will die one day. Scientifically energy can't just be created it has to move (be borrowed) from one system to another. That being said when you pass from this world your borrowed energy goes back to whatever system lent it to you (your body).


I agree that science is a physical life form construct and consistently curious of what level of consciousness our energy has when we depart from physical life. It's not currently quantifiable through science but I find it hard to believe that something as amazing as the energy that is the spark of life in anything can actually cease to exist through the death of our bodies since it is what makes our bodies 'alive' in the first place. The one thing we have that gets us closer to understanding on is mathematics, because in this plain math is infallible. It's our best bet at understanding the complexities of the existence of our energy and being able to quantity it. Alas this is probably a conversation for another forum somewhere else though. 😪


Thank you! I couldn't agree more. Non-tech savvy people don't understand black vs white hat. I would hear about vulnerabilities and basic MITM attacks and would tell my friends and show them what I was talking about. Every time something went wrong with WIFI I would be questioned. Always the "Did you/are you do/doing something to the internet? It's not working." Even after fixing it next time there was a problem I'd get a call. Even been at a Buddy's house when someone asked to connect to their WiFi and they gave the guest the warning right in front of me "Sure. But DMT can see everything your doing." It was obvious by the tone it was implied that it was a concern that I was watching anyone's internet. :( I got into this with my own security in mind and tell others about it so they can secure themselves. I always respond that I'm not interested in what websites they visit, what pornography they watch, their d%#k pics, or their bank accounts. But none the less I kept getting the deterring comments until I stopped talking about it and lost some of my drive and passion for learning about it.