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Passwortgenerator: solutions put in main groups

up to now we have three main groups of solutions; 1. Put all possible elements in one pot and randomly choose n --> Here at least some pwds break the rules. (eg 4 numbers) 2. Create three pots (num,char,special) and create a rule how to pick the elements. --> The pwds hold the rules but since there is a pattern in the pwds, they are easy to crack. 3. Generate a pwd that holds the rules w.o pattern: random element of random pot 4. Let the program create pwds w.o complete rules and wait for a valid pwd

10/3/2017 7:58:25 AM

Oma Falk

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group4 is... great! nothing is wrong with it! group1 not solved group2 nearly solved group3 solved.. thumbs up group4 solved .. thumbs up


@Grazvydas a clear case of group4 :-) group3 and group4 are "thumbs up"


@calvin would you agree group4?


@Oma, what is wrong with "group 4"? :D I changed my code so that "pots" are randomly shulfed before using. This code generates password that holds the rules and it takes random element of random group. You should improve your groups so it would not be so ambigious.. :D


This solution generates password until it will satisfy rules (have one letter, one number, one symbol) So if you enter 3 - it will randomly generate password from letters, numbers and symbols - and it will check if it has one of these - only then stops and outputs.



@Oma Ok I missunderstood that you wanted the code to satisfy 3 and 4 categories (as there were no thumb up) :D