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Ads in Sololearn

They've made so much & it's all for free! I wonder why there's not any ads or similar. No no, I don't wanna it, it's just amazing that it is. Maybe I'll delete that post later to not to litter really needed things.

9/29/2017 4:08:21 PM


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Investors, our data, little from advertising...


@Tulips I'm not a data science expert, would be better to ask @Kuba about that ;) But... Data like email addresses, location, interests. With the connection to your Google or Facebook account those companies do know quite a lot about everyone of us (what do you search on the internet, who are your friends and so on).


Actually, what you do in the web, stays in the web. And it stays there forever, ever, ver, er... The traffic, clicks, even mousemoves - all this is collected and translated into data... Big, I mean *really* BIG data. And when pooled together, you can make assumptions and predictions on it, to make smarter business decisions. On smaller scale - those of you who registered to SoloLearn using their Facebook account out of laziness... you do realize SoloLearn now knows about ALL your friends, page likes and more, right?


SoloLearn is a company and has developers, content managers and so on. Real people are watching ;)


Thanks guys


nice. and yes: THANK YOU real people 😉!


Yes, I've seen ads, too


Now they've made paid PRO version!


What do you mean by autopilot?


you are right: no ads, it is free. could it be that it is on autopilot?


i mean that there are no people developing nor administer it, just learners


of course it is, but it is a bit unusual to be completely free, no ads, no offers for upgrade to paid package and similar


Ok, I don't now completely how it works 🙂


hi @Tanshi could you further explain what you mean by 'our data'


I thought Sololearn is a company or similar that made this app and supports it.


Yes, the fact that SoloLearn is free and ad-free is interesting... and very enjoyable. However, I'm sure they have a well-thought business logic behind this. Maybe this is offered free until it becomes huge and de facto standard way of learning programming languages? After that it would be easy to start offering more comprehensive, paid courses, for example. Or you could use the platform for recruiting talents! If you just want to cash out, you might sell the whole bunch to some company... there are lot of possible ways to make money with such extensive community of learners.


Not AddFree anymore :) After each challenge I receive some very loud, anoying adds. But the app is still a gem:)