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space gap

SANJU pvt ltd. ----------------------- free shop mall questuon is when i write betwn both is too large... i want very close all these three displayed.... this is my ....heading

9/26/2017 6:15:58 PM


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It default depends mostly on wich element(s) is (are) used to embed your textual content, and then on wich default spacing values are used/changed by Css: <header> <h1 style="margin:0;">SANJU pvt ltd</h1> <hr style="margin:0;"> <h2 style="margin:0;">free shop mall</h2> </header> ... that should do what you seems to ask (vertical space between element -- but your question isn't enough clear and specific: if you want to change letter/word spacing, use corresponding Css properties 'letter-spacing', 'word-spacing'). Obviously, margin are not required to be zero and could be specified in any valid Css unit, as well as independently for each side... You must also be aware of 'padding' values, wich introduce internal margin (css 'margin' stand for space between each elements box borders, while css 'padding' stand for space between element box borders and its own content -- even if borders are not visible... however setting some borders at working/debugging time would be very useful to better see how elements interract themselves in the page ^^).