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Unable to paint Child Windows Properly...

I have a code for creating a simple Calculator, using Win32API : https://code.sololearn.com/cwL1Kr251R5U/#cpp On running the code, however, only the Label Box ( the window with ID = ID_LBL ) gets painted. In my WM_CREATE message, I have used CreateWindow(), and the Numbers and Operator buttons are child classes for the main App window. Then, why am I not able to see the other puttons being printed on the screen? I tried replacing CreateWindow() with CreateWindowEx(), but I get the same output problem. Another thing, is there a way to increase the font size of the text contained in these child windows?

9/26/2017 10:44:11 AM

Kinshuk Vasisht

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@kurwius That worked. Thank You. Silly me, I couldn't see such an error.