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Adding image

How to add a image in html... I tried with adding image name inside double quotes of img src... But when I ran it on brower image didnt appeared

10/16/2016 3:14:12 PM

Raghav Gupta

3 Answers

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<img src="path/to/your/image.jpg"></img> The path can be relative or absolute. If your image is in the same folder, you can simply put the image name. If you still have trouble getting it right, post the path you are using, and we'll fix that together.


Make sure you are using the correct type of image and the correct source inside double inverted commas.. Hope it helps :) .. Post your prob again with the syntax you are using...


<html> <img src="storage/sdcard0/deep-road.jpg" alt="deep-road.jpg" width="50%"; height="50%"> </html>