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Can solo learn add interactive mode,,,??

The only drawback i felt in sololearn compiler is that we have to give inputs befor itself,,, and if a program needs more than one one inputs depending on the 1st input then it would be a problem,,,

9/20/2017 3:36:09 PM

Rohan K M

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no, not gonna happen in the near future at least. install a local compiler/ interpreter of the language you want like ruby, python. the non-web playground is limited here for anything which needs more than basic input /output like live input while running the code not suited. instead install some app for the task some on Android listed below. Online Compiler - Android Apps on Google Play Termux Termux - Android Apps on Google Play


did you check the link i provided termux is the best you just need a little knowledge about terminal an linux i'm using ruby, node.js packages in it. or try try creatifycation's creative ide it's new has 11 offline compilers missing ruby, java at the moment the developer will add ruby in the next release. both termux & creative ide are free no ads. the creative one is new a little buggy takes a little to load.


@Lord Krishna was right and it make sense if you think about it. If the program need to wait for user input then it's going to hold the server's memory resource indefinitely which is no good.


Hmm,,, thanks,,,, any do u guys know any perfect offline compiler for android,,, cz im fed up with searching for the best one,, as i dont have a pc


Termux doesnt support my phone,,,, i wl try creative ide now,,,,, and thanks a lot for ur answers

+4 See this post. It may be of help.