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Desktop applications in JS.

Until recently I thought that even if possible it would be complicated, but then it turned out that actually the editor I am currently using is written in JS (VS Code). If that sounds interesting to you check out:

9/19/2017 7:22:31 PM

Nikolay Nachev

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Electron is amazing, i used a SQL client made in Electron... it really impressed me, i thought it was slow and... i was wrong! If someone want to try it:


thats really interesting i would like to check out this thnx sir for this😊😊 i just want to give one more link to more information


@Nick - I am not as good as you might think, but a lot of practice is the key 😃


wow.!!!.it is my huge mistake that i look down on javascript when was in college ..instead i focus on java and php which i thought they were easy and more is time to turn back to JS..big time for JS...


Hmmm I should keep notepad aside and use this. Thanks for the info Sir!


I already knew that VS Code is written in JavaScript or more saying TypeScript


Thanks @Nikolay, I'll go check it out.


also you can check NativeScript by Facebook


Never thought JS has any work outside websites


@Blade of Justice, if U have Brackets or Discord app, u can press Ctrl+Shift+U to open developer tools like in GChrome


@Nikolay How did you become so good?


Using WinJS