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New global #3

No surprise there, It's GAWEN 😃 Congrats! ...and I bet you will be the second lvl 17. 😃

9/19/2017 6:57:21 PM

Nikolay Nachev

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thnx @Nikolay sir its really an owner to listen that from you i just want to be calm and consentrate towards my targets like you 😊😊 you are everyone ideal here and you really inspire me a lot thnx for that sir 😊😊


Congratulations Gawen! :)


congratulations gawen 👏👏


congrats @Gawen on global #3 all time and best of luck for lvl17 😉




Congratulations, Gawen Steasy!


Congrats GAWEN 😊


thnx @AL.The.Flame! 😊😊


@GAWEN welcome :)


@Nikolay sorry for d multiple challenges, mistake


thnx @Si Ogn and @Yerucham😊😊[email protected]😊😊


Congratulations, @GAWEN STEASY!✨🌟🎆🎊🎉😊🌷


Congrats @Gawen! best of luck for level 17.


Congrats Gawen! Big achievment :)


GAWEN is *back* to #3 rather. She was #3 all the while when suddenly a wild Bang Tu Cuong apoeared. You rock Gawenji!! (you're my inspiration for pushing myself to ts high position)


thnx @prudhvi @dplusplus @Blade of Justice @Ipang @P R @NezhnyjVampir @Amrit 😊😊


Congrats GAWEN, let's see you at level 17...


Congrats @ Gawen Steasy


Who else is interested in seeing between Nikolay and Gawen who hits 500,000xps first?