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C# or C++ for software developers???

If there are any professional software developers here or someone who knows a lot about the business world of programmers, I want to know whether C# or C++ is more popular for applications? Do your employers have a preference or is it up to you to choose which language you want to code in?

9/18/2017 10:07:06 PM


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Generally C# is preferred for normal user applications / tools on windows. As always, it really depends on the field and your location. C++ is more popular for low level and high performance stuff over things like gui's and simple tools.


I see, thank you. I was contemplating on whether to learn C# or C++. A local job I'm interested in is not really specific about the language they want (or failed to mention it in the ad) so i want to learn extra languages just in case and I couldn't tell whether non-programmers actually know/appreciate the difference in C# or C++


c++ unless you love Microsoft and its malware ridden winblows operating system.