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Let's learn GitHub


9/18/2017 5:18:30 PM

Yasar Curci

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Actually subtitles have a delay of 0.5/1s about, just wanted to mention it for those (like me) who are more comfortable to read subs while watching videos. The video is good and the material too, thanks for share!


Thx for sharing! I liked this tutorial as well: https://try.github.io/levels/1/challenges/1


Thanks for sharing @Yasar :D


every developer should have a GitHub account, thanks for the link


@shobhit great ! I will contribute because I love contributing code in GitHub a lot I'm AliSawari if you wanted to find me thanks :))



I'm newbie @github....I'm vikaash3 at github..




Hey thank you.. I had created account on git hub yesterday. I just tried through your link.. Its awesome!!


my account is dragon540 if u want plz contribute to my projects.


thnx i will find you.