What Language should I learn after Python ?

I've been learning python and java and I know little of both languages I started to learn Python only recently and I really really like this language I also want to learn C or C++ and don't know anything about those languages So after I Python what language should I learn ? Should I continue with java and/or start learning C/C++ ? please help

10/13/2016 5:51:50 PM


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I think you should continue with Java and after finishing it you can start C++. Both of them are good to know.


Nobody can tell you, it depends on what you want.


I agree with Kate MI. I'd also like to expand on Clocktown's answer by clarifying that Java is widely used across multiple platforms because the code you write can be run through the JVM allowing it to be run on many devices without needing to tweak the code for that platform. C and C++ are more specialized and used when you need optimization instead of portability. The code runs quicker than Java would, but you'd best plan on a specific platform to run it on.