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Python Libraries

Which python libraries are using for which targets? And where to learn to use them? (what books, courses, sites)?

9/16/2017 6:00:39 AM


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Libraries are often well specialized and theme-focused. The most recognized repository for them is PyPI, the Python Package Index: It is searchable :)


A bit of all, I would say. Some concepts are better to be studied alone by reading the docs and some are simpler to understand when shown online. If you need statistical/mathematical background refreshed, I would recommend reading - it's more of a theoretical knowledge. While if you want to see some models or neural network in action, you might want to run a video to observe it. Especially if you'd have to wait a couple of hours/days before it runs all the epochs ;)


Oh, no, by far no. Those are all that are verified and accessible for everyone, but you have to "pip install" or " conda install" them to be able to use them.


Sure, check out the titles on my Python-devoted thread: Also, there are pretty good courses on and particularly on (6-months for free now! shh.... ;)


go to 1---pycharm ide/compiler 2---files 3---settings 4---project interpreter( keep internet on) ##theres a search area for each and every module in python ever created.## 5---u can install them( latest version) 6---do codes using them 7---even unistall them when tasks over from A to Z see each module name google them.. see how/when/why they works...


Oh okay. I confused PSL with PyPI haha


Thank you, @Kuba and @sayan


Adding couple of library resources:


So is that the set of libraries that are inbuilt?


@Kuba, and do you know any books that are teaching you to use the libraries refering to Big Data?


Thanks a lot:) And want to know your opinion, what is easier to learn python after you know basics, watch courses/read books or search in documentations?