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Tell us a little more about your learning preferences

Hey guys & gals! We would like to learn a little more about you and your learning preferences. This info helps us further personalize your learning& coding experience and better tailor it to your needs. Over the next few weeks, we will be conducting a very simple survey, asking you to answer just ONE QUESTION and mention the online learning sources you use, other than SoloLearn. We will be partnering with the most-mentioned organizations so you get more value from all of us. So PLEASE take a minute and send us your answer using the following link: . Looking forward to hearing from all of you!

9/13/2017 10:50:40 AM


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Sure James! As long as you learn to code/code on national geographicπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€


I want coding assignments Assignment submissions that satisfy the test cases will be marked correct and will get 100XP reward


Lots of books and videos for me. Dont really stick with any organization here. Thanks for the hard work. πŸ‘




@Yeva Voted/submitted Edit: With the latest update code playground has become unbearable for many mobile devices. If you try to select a part of code everything is selected instead. While this might not be affecting small codes very much what if you have a modest 200 line code and you want to copy just 2 lines?(Let's not mention bigger codes) This must be fixed ASAP! Otherwise solo will lose a good portion of mobile users. I for one was coding every day here...until the last update that is.




Done. ^-^


Implementing something similar to what does with their arcade mode would be nice. I'm also remembering back to one of my suggestions having to do with "group challenges" or "team tournaments", and believe it would aid in this discussion, seeing as it would bring people together to teach eachother in order to help their own team, etc., instead of everyone competing and learning on their own with the only help being tips within Q/A. Often times, the quickest ways at learning things come when you're forced into teaching those things to other people. :p


Voted. Can we also include management and technology consulting firms? Because this happens to be logical and most pursued career tracks after years of programming. Edit: This wasn't something that required downvotes. Anyways thanks for reading this!


done πŸ‘


We Need assignments and projects . With the same kind of tailoring you did to prepare our lessons . Thank you so much for this wonderful app .


This is amazing news! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ I'm really looking forward to video lessons and projects! 😍



My Learning Preferences are Youtube =70%, Sololearn =10% javatpoint =20% But I think sololearn make me better for challanging


mine is: youtube 60% w3cschool 20% sololearn 20% solo learn polish my skills... thank you sololearn... :D :D


SoloLearn = 75% W3Schools = 24% YouTube = 1%


done ! :)


I like hakkerrank. You can practice and learn from others' solution after submisdion.


Done. SoloLearn + YouTube = SoloTube are coming !!!


Yes. Sololearn is the best πŸ‘Œapp. I completed survey. ✌️😎