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What is Front-End developers and Back-End developers?

It might be weird to ask but as I'm new I really need to know and I'm sure I won't get batter platform.

9/12/2017 11:25:33 AM


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The front-end is also referred to as the client-side and is sometimes considered "web design". The back-end of the web industry is often called the server-side. Language list here :https://www.quora.com/Which-programming-languages-are-front-end-and-which-ones-are-back-end


Front-end tier -> User Interface layer usually consisting of a mix of HTML, Javascript, CSS, Flash, and various server-side code like ASP.Net, classic ASP, PHP, etc. Think of this as being closest to the user in terms of code. Back-end tier -> Databases and other data stores are generally at this level. Oracle, MS-SQL, MySQL, SAP, and various off-the-shelf pieces of software come to mind for this piece of software that is the final processing of the data.


in my opinion javascript isin demand in future but it totally depends on your what to choose because backend developer are always in demand too


i love javascript because it is too good


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Which one is in demand to prefer as career and how challenges differ in one than other.?


Thanks! seems you are one among them.


Is it fine to start learning Database or Php before JS?