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What happened to Nikolay Nachev today?

In 3 challenges he commited 3 errors. Never seen that before.

9/6/2017 7:18:30 PM


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fighting with Angular4 - my mind is elsewhere 😃😃😃


I scored 4, does not necessarily mean I was defeated 😉


@d++ - was a bit annoyed at the beginning, don't pay much attention now. Since I passed 100K it got better - it's not all eyes on me anymore 😃


SoloLearn should be renamed to SoloNachev


I really thought that u r no human being Nikolay Nachev... salute


Nikolay and lose in one sentence!😨😨Thats an error!


few days ago my brother was playing the challenge on sololearn suddenly something amazing happened Nikolay made a mistake in the 2nd question ...my brother shouted to call me as hell that this is the one in the life time opportunity to combine our brains defeat Nikolay😂😂😂😂😂at last we completed the challenge all five correct and ended up defeting Nikolay..😎😎I don't think we will get this opportunity any time soon...👍👍👍gd luck bro...🙂🙂


:D stay with us, don't give us a chance to win a challenge with you


You should just run a challenge bot on an Android emu to run all day. 😂😂


That's why it's called GAME!!


the next queen should be @kayla_x_ren but she's not into challenges


Nikolay made errors???