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Want to join a real time chat for Sololearn?

I made a discord server for Sololearn, it currently has all the Sololearn mods in it. We'd love if you guys joined. Come and make friends and discuss coding! Server invite link: https://discord.gg/MEjFNcC Edit: works best if you download the Discord app

9/5/2017 7:20:49 PM

Ahri Fox

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Thanks for joining everyone!


Wow I joined the server. Everything is really very arranged. You have got bots that have awesome commands. You can do alot of things including learning. Because Ahri Fox and @Kyra there, are great teachers


All are welcome, come join the chit-chat ๐Ÿค—


Where do I put down the mod approval signature? Great job @Ahri.


It's a great server. And: You can easily call all mods for help if something's going wrong on the app like trolling, flaming, cheating... Simply use the @Sololearn Mod mention tag on this Discord server to talk to the mods ;)




Cool I am loving it I actually saw the chatty side of several people here


Late to the thread but you can find me on the server โ˜บ


@kayla X ren if you want, yes!




great idea


@Mohit Just do it! You're most welcome ^^


KANT2.0๐Ÿœ We do not claim our server as "the __official__ SoloLearn Discord server". Doing so would likely cause one or two *double-takes* regarding copyrights, etc. There are other __unofficial__ SL servers, like ours, but they're not anywhere near as active/successful. The other servers also do not have SL employees chilling in their channels as we do, lol. I remember there being one or two other specific servers, but if I'm remembering correctly, the activity within them kind of "rolled over & died" a fair amount of time ago.


it's very good idea


I joined and it is really cool and organized, Thanks for making it @Ahri Fox




i'm not able to open link ... might bcz of slow net ๐Ÿ˜…


@Harshu If you downloaded the app, you only have to tap on the invitation link again.


@Yathin Babu N in the top right there's a magnifying glass icon that if you tap, will allow you to search by name.