Programmer What is your best programming language?Why?

if you dont want to told reason told only your best language Me,I like java language the best becus of they dont hard too much or easy too much it's fun (for some guy) java made me can run some program that cant run and java can do program for ANDROID, CCTV and another but not good about memory like as c++ so java is slow and lag c++ language I like too but it's really hard anyway this language is fast and speed can do really high graphic oh yes I watch one movie about hacker the hacker use this language to chat to another hacker they send file together in a short time

10/7/2016 12:11:33 PM


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C# and C++, On him's can make a android 2D game, and make Windows Forms app. :)


Every language has its pros and cons there is no "best" per-say but my favorite is java, I love the community's that form around it and that it is cross platform :)


learn java and you will be amaze