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Young padawan seeking guidance

Hello all! I'm Andrew. You can call me Drew. Learning coding basically for fun. I am disabled and have slot of down time. It helps tremendously with my depression and self esteem. It is the only thing I've shown interest in for a long time. Almost finished HTML5, but where should I start next? Assuming CSS but figured I'd ask the pros first. Totally new to the field so if possible please give me your opinion on my next move. Thanks in advance! This is very fun.Also taking a course on coursera.

2nd Sep 2017, 11:49 PM
Andrew Knoeller
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4 Answers
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Glad you got into programming, Andrew. You can refer to the first query in this link for a recommendation of order in learning different languages (specifically for web development). www.sololearn.com/faq
3rd Sep 2017, 4:34 AM
Hatsy Rei
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Hi @Andrew, if you have almost finished learning HTML I suggest you learn other coding languages in this order: HTML➡CSS➡JavaScript➡JQuery➡PHP➡SQL➡Anything else you fancy😊
3rd Sep 2017, 6:56 AM
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Inline-Styles in HTML aren't a good practice. If you don't want to begin with styling, you can begin with programming. You can use JavaScript or PHP at next. I'll test you in HTML I want to challenge you!
3rd Sep 2017, 1:47 PM
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you can either continue web html->CSS->JavaScript or branch off c++->python->c#
4th Sep 2017, 12:10 AM