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bit out of topic. but i really want to know how much are you guys here are using raspberry pi? and how is it going until now? had it changed or even ease something in life? tq

9/1/2017 4:46:06 AM

Randy John

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I have a Raspberry Pi 3, and flash Chromium OS into it, then link it to Display by HDMI, make it familiar with a Chromebit, looks good and interesting.


I have a rpi2 b model and usages are: -connected ti TV with kodi as media center -lamp server it works very well!


interesting! but someone i know made an intelligent system that can water the flowers in a specified timing, using some codes he got from a source and modify it. i really impressed with the raspberryPi tech.


using it to learn and test IoT applications


Yes. Now imagine also to control that system from remote via webapp, and you have the Internet of Agricolture :-)


@luca can you help me! i have orange pi and going to create wireless web server ...