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Pros and Cons of an A.I. partner

I was wondering what peoples opinions are on the possibility of programming your own girl/boyfriend and it's pros and cons?

8/29/2017 5:16:57 PM


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Sadly, my partner passed away earlier this year. A couple of weeks ago my daughter suggested I should go on online dating sites. I was mortified! To me it all happened only yesterday. Upon seeing my reaction, she hurriedly expressed her concern for my happiness, loneliness and general wellbeing, to which I jokingly replied that I would simply make one. Now, I'm actually considering doing this. Not to have a new partner, but just to see if I can or just to see how far I can get. At the very least I will enjoy the programming experience. Pro: Since I will be programming responses etc. I will never have a disagreement or argument. Con: Conversation will be one sided and get boring. (Some may argue this already happens in real life, so I guess on this point I'm half way there already) :)


@Cyb3rMann Interesting to see peers who think alike. While I am aware that we do not have the tech to build a person from scratch, nobody knows what is possible in future. Seeing so many people worrying about A.I. rebelling against humans, I'd say you might live long enough to have a quarrel with your new partner. I have much on my thoughts, but not much which is necessary to add. Don't aim too high up, but don't ever let any discouraging words bring you down. Some may argue that your aspirations are only dreams, that your partner would only be artificial, but as I see it, your feelings back then and now in the process of building towards your goal are real, that's the only important thing you need to be aware of. Good luck.


You brought up irrelevant issues containing logical fallacies, and then try to argue and justify its relevancy, and then try to close it up by saying it is in fact unrelated to the OT. What is this? Southeast Asia kopitiam culture?


I can't see pros to having an AI partner ... It is like simulating a person, like thinking that a rpg is the real life. But as long as you do it knowing that it is not a real person, I do not see cons either :) My condolences for your wife, I am truly sorry ..


Condolences @Cyb3rMann for your loss. It's good that you are at least connecting with others on communities like SoloLearn. As I was reading your comments, several movies and TV shows came to mind which I thought I'd recommend: - Her (as recommended by @Luca) - Ex Machina - Westworld There are actually others I could mention. But these are at the top as it relates to your question.


I think it might make an interesting and possibly amusing project. I do have some concerns though. What if I do meet someone in the distant future and my A.I. gets jealous? I'm sure I've seen a film similar to this, and from what I remember it didn't end well, at least not for most of the people. @Baptiste Have no fear. As appealing as it may sound, I have no intention of living the rest of my life in a fantasy world. WAIT.............rgps are NOT real?!? Whoever told you this has clearly never met my wizard or she-elf! Thank you for your condolences my friend, much appreciated. :)


i suggest you to see movie "Her"


This thread keeps getting stranger and stranger with each new post. 😮 A.I. isn't about a set of scripted responses based on some set of conditions that may simulate a conversation. At best, this idea would be much closer to a "choose your adventure book" than A.I. What is missing from this discussion is the "intelligence" part of A.I. where a machine is capable of learning, reasoning, problem-solving, perception, and language understanding. A.I. would be cogitive and autonomous, much like humans. Anyway, my point is, A.I. is probably not the correct reference here. If we were to ever achieve A.I., I imagine it would not be too interested in conversing with humans. From the A.I.'s perspective, it would be like humans dissecting a frog in the name of science. Perhaps a more appropriate topic name for this thread would be... "The Pros and Cons of Simulated Companionship". I imagine this would be closer to an enhanced version of Siri on the iPhone or Alexa on the Amazon Echo, etc.


@David C To be realistic, I realise that with my programming skills (or lack of), I will not be able to make a TRUE AI, but even a simulated one would be a start. I would obviously like to improve upon it so that it is more than just a 'choose your adventure book'. On that note, I recently downloaded Paladins, which is exactly that. The options are a little limited, choosing the wrong one generally ends up with your death, but the book is a good read in it's own right. Even having something like Alexa would be cool. I don't have it myself but my friend does, and I've heard some pretty hilarious responses! Or perhaps I'm just easily amused?


you're handling this better than I would've I'll say that much! I already gave my opinion, but to elaborate a little more, having a hobby is important and being able to focus on a goal is important even if it isn't saving the world. Sometimes it's just nice to create something for fun. I say do what makes you happy, and of course, share tons of updates!


I just wanted to say that, I personally am not looking for a new partner, whether real or artificial. It's far too soon. She cannot be replaced and it would futile to try to do so. I feel like a FOO without a BAR :( I do realize there is the possibility, however unlikely, that i may meet someone in the future but, until then... I don't know, I just thought it might be an interesting project and give me something to do. Perhaps I should have entitled it AI Companion or something? I managed to down..... obtain a copy of 'Her' which I will watch this evening. I have seen Ex Machina, but don't remember much about it. Will have to re-watch that one. I do remember Westworld, with Yul Brynner, and the sequel Futureworld. I don't often watch TV so I tend to avoid series, but I have seen clips, and it does look good. Will look into obtaining that too. Thank you for the recommendations :) I would also like to thank everybody for their condolences, and for future posts i'm happy to take this as implied (by default), so I thank you all again in advance.


I'm a huge fan of AI.


One of my all time favourite films is Blade Runner. Call me crazy, but I could definitely see myself having Rachael as a companion. In fact, in another time and place, I could see myself having a full blown relationship with her! How would I know? After all, it took Harrison Ford (who is an expert on these things) many hours of cross examination to conclude that she was in fact artificial. I can just imagine my conversation: Me: Are you an AI? AI: No! Me: Ok, sorry I asked. Didn't mean to offend. Just wanted to make sure! After all, a computer wouldn't lie, would it? Even if she said Yes, I would probably say: Oh, ok, I'm cool with that. I'm not prejudiced.


I got what you meant from the original post. It seems like you just want something to throw yourself into and a way to talk to someone without any expectations. If you are serious about creating an AI, you should look into creating a semantic web. At least that way, you will get interesting and unexpected responses from the AI. If you don't know where to start I recommend this book: Also, I'm sorry to hear about your partners passing, it's rough losing someone. Speaking from experience, it may never get better, but it does get easier.


@Cyb3rMann: I think companionship is about making a connection with another person who is unconditionally accepting of you, flaws and all. This connection goes beyond programmed responses and the physical surface to a deeper emotional level. Generally speaking, humans are social animals and don't do well in isolation. It reminds me of the movie, Castaway, where Tom Hanks' character manifested a companion named Wilson from a volleyball. No doubt, he was connecting to a thing as a last resort to prevent going insane. However, that connection wasn't strong enough to replace the real thing. After a failed attempt to hang himself, he decided to attempt the suicide mission of sailing out to sea. Albeit, he did bring his closest companion along as first mate. The idea of an artificial companion in the context of a replacement for the real thing is probably what would perplex most people. It's hard to equate it to the real thing. On the otherhand, artificial companionship in the context of it being a novelty might find more people reacting with intrigue and curiosity. If you clarified the context as such, you might find different reactions.


@TheOrbitHeart: You have edited your post, making at least part of my subsequent post seem irrelevant. For the cons, you originally asked if I was that lonely to be wasting my effort on doing something like this. Now you're asking if I have nothing better to do instead, giving a couple of examples. FYI I used to run 2 dedicated folding machines. The first was with a cpu client which didn't produce much. I later changed this for my old SLI gaming rig which ran on a gpu client. This produced a considerable amount of points for over 3 years until the psu literally exploded and took my motherboard out with it. I just never got around to replacing it, sorry. As for spaceship propulsion, well, I can't imagine anything I could contribute to a project like that, unless they need to use my spare clock cycles? Also note that what YOU think is a better use of my time is not necessarily what I think is better. I realise that due to the language barrier your post may not have come across as you intended. If, in your opinion, it is a complete waste of time, unless I program her to save the world, then that's fine. It is after all peoples opinions I am asking for.


How do people feel about this? Say we could digitise our memory. To some extent, we already can. Photos, Camcorders, web chats etc. What if you could make your AI look, sound, have the traits and the memories of lost loved ones. Would you not be tempted or be at least intrigued by the notion?


Then makes your AI very accepting ! :D


@Dacid C Well don't know about you, but I do like conversations where the parts of those conversations are learning, reasoning and problem solving and where each participant understood the conversation. This is obviously still a philosophical question, but I thing interesting one. And the report that humans would be willing to have a robot as a life partner, of course human like but still a robot, is to me very interesting. Well why would not they be interested in talking to their makers? DdD BTW due to advancement in robotics EU politicians were debating laws (who is gonna be responsible for them or will it be responsible for itself, taxes and so on), yes it did not go through as a law it is still too soon, but can you imagine even a debate 50 years ago.


@Cyb3rMann: I am almost ashamed to say I haven't seen Blade Runner. I've just never seen it on TV and haven't sought out to see it. That is until I noticed it on the channel guide the other day and decided to record it on my DVR. I think I might need to make time this weekend to watch it now. ;) Regarding your imagined conversation... how crazy would it be if the A.I. was not aware that it was an A.I.? Rather, it thought it was actually human. Brings a whole new meaning to Descartes "Cogito ergo sum", which is more commonly known as, "I think, therefore I am".