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Why are use c++ in language not using c.

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8/29/2017 3:39:25 PM

Yogesh Gurjar

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Video games : C++ is quick (even if slower than C) and is the quicker object oriented language


@Yogesh, are you trying to say thet C programs are limited to console programming only? Windows programs were being written in C before C++ was invented. It's still possible to write windows api programs using C.


c has structure language not object wise derived in path.


c++ programs to take object distinct path


When projects become large the task of maintaining them becomes increasingly difficult. By using an object oriented language like C++ we reduce the risk of changes in one part of the program causing problems in another part of the program, at least that's the theory.


c can take a problem to divided a function to path of function in derived a problem to console detect problems. to largely and attempt in execution big time than put answer