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Moderators Needed!

Hey SoloLearners! We need more Moderators and want community nominations this time. If you think of someone who is active, nice and friendly, loves to contribute and help others, respected by the Community, and is fair, please respond to this post.... Looking forward to discovering some great candidates with your help!

8/24/2017 6:26:50 PM


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Looking through the list of comments and suggestions, and filtering them out with personal bias: - No objections on @Manual, @Jay, @Paola, @Kirk Schafer, @Femyk, @Ben Bright, @J.G. , @Visph being mod. - Also putting in a list of users whom I have evaluated over a span of months, to qualify for mod status: @Pixie, @Leon Lit, @washika, @SoraKatadzuma, @Frost, @Karl T. , @Wen Qin, @Squidy. - IIRC @Nikolay did express that he isn't up for the offer in the current state of Q&A section. I personally think he would be a good addition to the team. - I have had doubts seeing @Andrew, @Ekansh and @Nomeh being mentioned, but I think they are ready and I trust them as people who can uphold responsibilities and follow guidelines. - @Ranjan and @Vengat has been active, and should be able to handle reports which weigh 1/3 of a post removal. - As for some others who have suggested themselves and treated this like a chat thread, I do not want to comment much. Your actions speak for yourselves. As has been stated by @Maz, rationality is one of the most important aspects at mod selection. We need moderators, not moderator-wannabes. Also, @Babak Sheykhan's reply should be heavily considered. Putting more moderators aside, proper moderation tools (which has been, and is still a headache for the moderator team at the moment) and clear guidelines are in dire need. Honestly speaking, after a few months of wear and tear moderating the kind of **** in our Discuss section and dealing with a neverending stream of spam and cheaters, I have had the urge to pass the stick to someone else. With the current system, collaboration and teamwork between moderators are crucial. I am willing to work with our new mods to ensure they grasp all of how it works before I die. I hope the day will come that I am able to sit back in retirement and watch the Q&A section without being in need of removing anything.


just wanted to thank you all for your contributions/ nominations! we'll make sure to review all of them and contact the selected moderators shortly! thanks again!


Probably not the most active, but @jay might be a really good choice. :) +1 for @Manual, @Nikolay Nachev, @Kirk Schafer, @Karl T, @Visph. :) I'm a already a mod, stop to post my name here. :P


Dear Yeva, I saw in a post that you are the SoloLearn co-founder and CEO. I want to be honest and share with you my 4 month experience here. This community is something that I've learned and still learning a lot from. I understand that this app is not an impeccable one and you and your team are trying your best everyday to make it more convenient and enjoyable to use and I really appreciate that. But as you already know, The Q/A section every day is bombarded with silly, repeaded, and inappropriate questions and that's one thing. You are demanding more moderators and that's a good idea to prevent some nominal issues like giving report and warn offensive users or at best providing basic rules and regulations of how learners can send their questions. But the deeper problems still remain. This app needs a solid and workable policy for Q/A section and not more moderators. At the end I'd like to say thank you for your vision and effort to put together such a useful and unique app.


@Jordan Chapman Moderating isn't an easy task. For some, it involves the transition of popular to infamous, when the task, as has been pointed out, consumes your good qualities. It should be understood by all those who aspire to be a mod, and I hope my notation did the job. As for leaving, it struck me that it is impossible for me to, for example, explain what is HTML, how prefix/postfix operators work, or the difference between C, C++ and C#, forever. I do wish to continue to be active on SoloLearn as long as people need help, but improvements have to be made to our Q&A section instead of dealing with the same issues over and over again. In reply to your question, both options are possibilities, just not for near future.


I understand that new mods would aspire to "BAN ALL CHEATERS", but that is not our job. As long as you can keep Q&A clean and prevent obvious foul play cases from repeating themselves, as well as collaborate closely with your peers and the administrators, you will be doing a fine job in no time. I do not expect everyone to be a lifeless forum freak like me who checks every single post, and every single upvote list in Q&A, or to go through the entire challenge history of a user to find evidence of foul play. It will just wear you off quick and it isn't efficient. Be moderate at moderating. I wish all of you the best of luck.


you can consider me!!πŸ™‹


@Andrew the reason why i think @Nikolay would be a good moderator is because of his rationality, same for Kirk Schafer. :) I don't care about his score in challenges, i just want to make sure that upcoming moderators won't report legal contents due to their personal opinions, in this case the rationality helps a lot to "keep calm and think two times before to report something". :)


I am an active user, and would be up for becoming a moderator! I would like some more details please, such as the tasks would involved with being a mod.


I would volunteer, but I'm not exactly sure what the specific requirements would be (like exactly "how" active you're expected to be, etc). I'm going to throw a personal opinion out there and mention that I don't believe moderator-statuses should be displayed as badges. To a lot of users, an unearned badge is seen as "a goal to be completed" by default ... and I'm sure it's safe to assume that there are some (a lot) of Sololearners that will never obtain the moderator badge based on a wide range of reasons. Nobody, not even troublesome participants within the community, should be taunted with a goal that they may never achieve. So, in my opinion, moderator-status should be displayed in a different way than it is being displayed at this moment. Maybe remove the badges, and instead give each moderator's rank-star an outline of a certain color... or maybe display their usernames in a different font-color... or maybe even assign an unchangeable signature of some sort to the moderators' posts in Q/A. Those are just a few examples. I have many more. but like I said, it's only my opinion. :p P.S. I will return and edit my top picks for moderators into this post soon, if it's not too late to do so. Edit: (will continue updating as I find qualified SLers): Picks: Frost, Paola, Pixie, *(tobeContinued) ...


@Quentin, tbh... nope, but we love waste our time in that way. ^^


Is @Maz a mod yet? If not, (s)he is my first choice... My other suggestions are...: @ Nikolay Nachev @ Serena Yvonne @ Fuyuka Ayumi @ C C Calvello @ Paola @ Nomeh Uchenna Gabriel […] ^-^


As of the moment, my task load has been decreased by a whooping 80% because @Tashi is active and @Michelle is replying to posts almost exactly how I would reply to them. Time will speak my words for me naturally.


Thx, @JFS. Was never really gone, but unfortunately too busy these days (weeks). (Now pls move back to the topic ^^ )


Don't know if I'm too late now. But I wanted to submit Michelle. She is doing a great job here. [Edit] She has done a great job here. But everyone who was involved in all the fuss will understand that I drawback my submission. My apologies, I'm glad that other mods and SL themselves were wiser than me.


@Manual :)


In this moment she's giving as many answers as possible, too early to be mod in my opinion, we'll see whether this activity will last for a long time or it is just temporary. :)


@Daniel - I can not recall an actual question not been answered. That said any question that requires to paste the question in Google or pass the course here in order to be answered does not need to be answered by anyone. Same goes to questions that contains no question or a question that is written in such a way that you'll need a complex AI to transform it to readable English...


Lesley Chitsika You don't have to be a moderator to help people. You can do that as a member. πŸ˜‰


@Cipher i always thought the same, especially because no one can see whether you are a mod or not until they see your badges section. I'd like to see a rainbow behind my profile pic, maybe with some unicorns around my messages, but i can be satisfied with a different font color too. Hope your suggestion will be approved soon!