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how to sync web and app front-end

I need webapp and mobileapp for my project so there is any way I can code frontend ones and use it in both

8/24/2017 2:36:56 AM

Dhruv Barochiya

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I think no. Because the webapp will be code in other language than that of mobile app. So, there will be difference in coding. However, you can try to make them look similar.


Dry code is running each step of the program in a copy to understand the working. The efficient way is simply to not skip any of the line of your program.


@sachin wasn't quoted in that meaning .... I was asking that how can I develop both writing minimum amount of code


okey , but what is the efficient way to DRY code it


Android use your Web app in a webview in android studio if you don't need any of the phones hardware....similar for Apple use xcode and make a Web view app that just goes to the web app


got that but it's not as much effective , I heard​ about react.js that can do things efficiently