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Details about Excel VBA programmimg

hello, is there any language I can learn to understand Excel VBA programming language or VBA is a stand alone language? PS how can I recomend SoloLearn to add a Excel VBA(or related programmimg language) course to this app? thanks!

8/20/2017 8:41:21 PM


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VBA is an application-oriented version of regular Visual Basic, which is a stand-alone language, actually. But the main difference between the two is that VBA can't really make self-executable programs, it always needs an environment to run (like MS Office package or similar). As for a course on VBA, since it's an all-Microsoft thing, its development kind of depends on the company. Although MS tried to shelve VBA and heavily promoted its Office Business Applications, VBA has a huge community as it is very simple to use and quite effective, at least for XLS. Try this course below: It's a bit static, but well-prepared, nevertheless.