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Your thoughts on code copying

I hate it. More popular people can get so many likes on a code they didnt make. Someone worked hard on that code and the copier didnt even give credits

8/16/2017 4:21:00 PM


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It's called plagiarism and there's currently nothing we can really do to prevent it. I however, like it when someone copies my codes. Whether they credit me or not. I know I made it, all that matters to me is that they learn from it. ☺


I agree with Gavin. In the work conditions (Like in a company or in University) however it is strictly looked down upon (and in some cases ILLEGAL) But here in Sololearn if you read the terms and conditions you'll know that once you put your code on Sololearn anyone can use it however​ they want


I agree, it is Morally wrong


In Sololearn plagiarism isn't wrong or right, it's just unethical.


I know, but it is still wrong that someone can work so hard on a code and someone copies it and claims it as their own