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Posts removal and decrease in XP

XP and posts are decreasing mysteriously, for eg my 98 posts turned to 69. Not only me, this is happening with others as well (even mods like Hatsy are affected by this). Who is doing all this and what is the reason behind it? Answer if you saw something similar.

8/15/2017 1:08:00 PM


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I'm dying. Help me.


(hehehe... My plans are working... *smirk*) ^_^


(@winfrjd Wanna share? ^_^ I wanna be platinum too!... oh wait!...)


my challenge stats are decreasing :-D


Yes it's very Harsh on us.


Around 10 posts, 1 HTML challenge, 3 PHP challenges of mine disappeared.


@Pixie 10/10 joke


Just a few XP's to steal to get me to Pt...


8 posts + some XP 😒


@Sir Krishna without clearing my challenge record everyday my challenge record clears itself


if it goes on like that, you might hear of the sololearn app installing and uninstalling itself


(@ValentinHacker You'd better check your firewall... :-0


It's not happening to me ! I am happy with my posts and XPs ! No deduction !


@ISAIAH YEGO Yes everyone is sure about that


@@are all of you sure you don't delete them???##